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Luisa Ramos Steiner

Luisa Ramos Steiner

Sustainability Manager, Mace

Luisa is a Chartered Environmentalist with a background in Civil Engineering and experience on projects designed to achieve sustainability excellence. Luisa champions the sustainability agenda using her technical and managerial competencies to ensure the client's sustainability targets are met and supplemented to go beyond current industry practices. 

Since joining Mace as a Sustainability Manager in November 2022, Luisa has been working across the Major Projects Business Unit within the Construction engine. She advises design and construction teams regarding the project's sustainability aspects, such as responsible and low-carbon construction, circular economy, and green building certifications.

In her previous role as an Associate at Foster + Partners, Luisa led sustainability work on design schemes of different sector at the building and masterplan scale. She worked on building a collaborative network and advancing sustainability across the business and the industry.