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London Build

Luke Buckingham

Luke Buckingham

ESG & Sustainability Consultant, LMRE

After dedicating twelve successful years to a fulfilling teaching career in Geography, my transition into the field of consultancy within the built environment marks an exciting new chapter in my professional journey. This pivot aligns my passion for education with my growing interest in ESG stewardship. The corporate sector and urban world face an urgent need for sustainable practices, and I am eager to contribute my expertise. My years as a teacher have equipped me with an in-depth understanding of diverse stakeholders, their needs, and expectations. This insight will prove invaluable as I assist business professionals, ranging from shareholders and investors to employees and the broader community, in comprehending and fulfilling their ESG responsibilities. This career shift underscores my commitment to lifelong learning, problem-solving, and active engagement within the realm of ESG and sustainability. I am currently studying Cambridge University's Sustainable Real Estate course which is proving me with invaluable knowledge of understanding to the many challenges facing a NetZero built environment, as well as the plethora of sustainable solutions that exist. I remain an advocate for sustainable development across the three pillars of People, Planet and Profit. ESG must be adopted as ‘must' have rather than ‘nice to' have across all stakeholders spanning the built environment. Bottom-up development that starts with adding value to existing assets is critical to creating a global sustainable society.


In a world where mass migration and urbanisation meet climate change, the built environment plays a pivotal role in decarbonisation and keep global warming to 1.5 degree C above pre-industrial levels. There are so many strategies to achieve netzero across different industries and real estate can significantly influence the carbon trajectory of power and transport sectors, as well as key industries like steel, glass and concrete.