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Lydia Baker

Lydia Baker

Operations Manager for LearningPlus, PeoplePlus

My name is Lydia Baker, currently working as the Operations Manager for LearningPlus at PeoplePlus. My passion is all things learning, with a special focus on work-based education. I am dedicated to aiding individuals in acquiring and sustaining the necessary skill sets for gaining and retaining employment opportunities. As well as this I am keen to promote wellbeing and EDI in all workplaces, not just as tick box exercise but as a golden thread through every employees journey.


Encouraging equality and diversity within the construction industry, particularly for women, is a crucial step toward its evolution and success. This effort is not just about fairness; it has far-reaching benefits that contribute to a stronger, more innovative, and sustainable industry. It will also support in helping the sector to improve the following- Unlocking Untapped Potential: By welcoming women into the construction workforce, the industry gains access to a broader talent pool, leading to fresh perspectives and innovative solutions that enhance project outcomes. Driving Innovation: Diverse teams, including women, foster creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, which can lead to more efficient processes, safer environments, and sustainable practices. Addressing Skills Shortages: Encouraging women to join construction helps alleviate skill shortages, ensuring a consistent supply of skilled workers to meet infrastructure demands. Reflecting Communities: A diverse workforce better understands and meets the needs of local communities affected by construction projects, leading to more inclusive and effective outcomes. Positive Work Environment: Gender diversity promotes a respectful work culture, resulting in higher employee satisfaction, lower turnover, and a supportive atmosphere for all. Inspiring Future Generations: Successful women in construction challenge stereotypes and inspire young women to pursue careers in the field, fostering a new generation of talent. Adapting to Change: Women play a vital role in shaping the industry's transformation, driving the adoption of new technologies, sustainable practices, and innovative designs. By working together and by encouraging new initiatives, I feel that EDI in the construction sector, particularly focusing on empowering women will be a positive and impactful movement.