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Madeleine Spellman

Madeleine Spellman

Engagement Consultant, WSP

I work as an Engagement Consultant at WSP in their Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Communications team. We focus on those individuals potentially affected by infrastructure and development projects. In this role, I work closely with local communities to inform them about ongoing developments and to develop solutions that reflect their sentiments and foster support for the projects. Currently, I'm serving as a Public Liaison Officer on a flood defence construction site, bridging the gap between construction contractors and the local community. This role involves producing communications to ensure that those immediately affected, and the broader community are well-informed about project activities. Being one of the few women on this project has highlighted to me the stark gender imbalance within the construction industry and the need for greater gender diversity. I have a previous background in Town Planning, specialising in residential and affordable housing projects.


"For me promoting equality in construction means ensuring that a range of voices shape the development of spaces to ensure they serve and meet the requirements of all. By providing female role models, breaking stereotypes and fostering an inclusive industry, we pave the way for a more equitable future."