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Maja Dworak-Kula

Maja Dworak-Kula

Trainee Building Control Surveyor, All Building Control

As a young, ambitious female building surveyor, I take pride in my role at All Building Control, where I have honed my expertise for nearly three years. My journey began with a passion for architecture, which led me to pursue a BA Architecture Degree, providing me with a strong foundation in the field.During my second year at university, I recognized the invaluable opportunity to gain real-world experience, so I joined All Building Control part-time. Witnessing the seamless integration of creativity and practicality within the company, I was drawn further into the world of building surveying. Upon graduation, I made the pivotal decision to transition to a full-time role, immersing myself in the industry I had come to love.Now, as a key member of the All Building Control team, I thrive on ensuring compliance and safety in construction projects, while continually expanding my knowledge in this dynamic field. Passionate about making a positive impact on the built environment, I look forward to a future filled with innovation and growth.


As a young female building surveyor, I am dedicated to championing women in construction. Breaking barriers and inspiring positive change is my mission, as I strive to foster an inclusive environment that empowers everyone in the industry.