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Malika Makhlouf

Malika Makhlouf

Mental Wellbeing coach, Melientrepreneur

I am Meli and I am a wellbeing life coach. With a deep passion for both self-improvement and helping others thrive, I am on a mission to support individuals towards lasting mental and emotional wellness. My own journey began with a personal commitment to my own wellbeing. Recognizing that true self-care involves a harmonious balance of body and mind, I became an advocate for holistic health. From Pilates to strength training, I believe in the transformative effects of movement on the mind. As a true believer in the art of breathwork, I understand the impact of mindfulness on our daily lives. I practice and teach deep, intentional breathing techniques to manage stress, increase focus, and cultivate inner peace. Breathwork, for me, is the bridge to the present moment, where genuine healing and transformation occur. Meditation is another cornerstone of my daily routine. I believe that the mind is the canvas upon which our experiences are painted, and meditation is the brush that allows us to create our own masterpiece. Guiding my clients through mindfulness and meditation practices, I empower them to cultivate emotional resilience, reduce anxiety, and nurture a sense of clarity.


"It is crucial to change the perception of mental health in construction to remove the stigma which usually prevent individuals from seeking help or even discussing their struggles. Changing perceptions can help break down barrier and making it more acceptable to talk openly about mental health issues. Changing perception of mental health gives the opportunity to feel better and can result in improved productivity."