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Margherita Cesca Nelder-Haynes

Margherita Cesca Nelder-Haynes

Director, Frank Shaw

Margherita is a highly accomplished RIBA Chartered Architect, distinguished for her creative prowess and innovative design thinking. With over 20 years of multidisciplinary design experience, she stands as a testament to architectural excellence. Having earned qualifications in both Italy and the UK, her expertise encompasses a rich blend of international design perspectives. In addition to her professional achievements, Margherita is a revered Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA), reflecting her significant contributions to the field. In 2021, she took a pioneering step by founding 'The Leading Ladies in Construction' in Cambridge, a non-profit organisation that serves as a thriving community for empowering women in the construction industry. Through impactful initiatives such as workshops, inspirational talks, and open dialogues, Margherita and her community foster support and positivity, empowering women to excel in their careers. Currently serving as one of the Directors at Frank Shaw, a prominent architectural firm based in Cambridge, UK, Margherita embodies a relentless commitment to design, sustainability, and new technologies. Her leadership at Frank Shaw reflects a dedication to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation. With a keen eye on sustainable practices and a forward-thinking approach to new technologies, Margherita continues to shape the architectural landscape with her vision and expertise. Through her work and initiatives, she inspires not only her peers but also future generations of architects, leaving an indelible mark on the profession. She is also a TEDx Speaker.


"Driving for equality is particularly crucial for the wellbeing of women who, despite facing societal challenges, exhibit immense strength. When women are empowered and treated equitably, their confidence and self-worth flourish. This empowerment not only enhances their mental and emotional wellbeing but also fosters resilience, enabling them to navigate challenges effectively. By ensuring equality, we recognize and amplify the strength within these women, creating a positive environment that promotes their overall wellbeing and encourages them to reach their full potential."