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Mariia Pashenko

Mariia Pashenko

Founder / Architect, Pashenko Works

Mariia Pashenko is an experienced architect, and a founder of Pashenko Works - architectural and urban design practice. She is delivering projects across the UK, Belgium, and Ukraine. Mariia Pashenko obtained her academic degrees in architecture from the Ukrainian Academy of Art and Architecture in Kyiv, and from the Architectural Association, from the Oxford Brookes and from the London Metropolitan University in the UK. She is a registered architect with the Architects Registration Board, the Order of Architects in Belgium, and the Association of Architects in Ukraine. Prior to setting up her own studio, Mariia worked for the world renowned architectural practices such as Foster + Partners, Allies and Morrison, AECOM and Prior + Partners on projects of various stages, programs, scales and contexts.


"I have experienced firsthand how unfairly woman get treated, judged or patronised in the construction industry in the UK dominated by culture of toxic masculinity. Sometimes, I have to resort to signing my emails with my male collegues' names just to avoid wasting time and patronizing responses from suppliers and subcontractors! I want this to change. Women are more than capable to be equals with males in the construction sector in the UK, and have to start being respected."