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Mark Gardiner

Mark Gardiner

Business Development Manager (Renewables), Raven Renewables

Mark Gardiner is Business Development Manager at Raven Housing Trust's renewable technologies company, Raven Renewables. Mark joined the organisation in August 2021 to help the organisation develop its expertise in the design and installation of energy saving solutions to help reduce energy bills and decarbonise social housing. Since graduating from the University of Southampton with a first class honours degree in physics in 2014 Mark has worked in renewable energy sector. Mark is passionate about the role energy efficiency solutions can play in not only meeting the UK's zero carbon targets but also in providing warm and comfortable homes that are affordable to heat. Mark combines his scientific and technical knowledge with in depth knowledge of the challenges that decarbonisation of social housing presents to advise on the design and installation of a wide spectrum of energy efficiency solutions.


At Raven Renewables we know that is important to look at all the ways in which we can reduce the carbon footprint of a home. Whether that is to help reduce the householder's energy costs, comply with planning requirements or to future-proof the property for generations to come, renewables are an essential part of a net-zero future. Every partnership we enter into with charities and social housing providers is another step forward in reducing and eventually eliminating carbon emissions from buildings, alongside huge reductions in energy bills for clients and the opportunity to use those savings to provide improved services that benefit communities.