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Mark Manning

Mark Manning

Senior Health & Safety Manager, Westgreen Construction Ltd

By the time I was 27, three of my friends had committed suicide. At 31 and after seeing numerous medical health professionals since my early teens, I was diagnosed with Asperger's. Having a name, a diagnosis, something that allowed me to gain a better understanding of why I do things in the way has helped to shape me into the individual I am today. My daughter suffers from anxiety, body confidence and lack of self-belief so I have found myself sharing my gained knowledge and experience with her. This has helped bring us closer together. I believe that all these experiences, have clearly taken me into the roll that I do today. When questioned at school, “What do you want to be when your older?”, no one puts their hand up and says “I would like to be a Health and Safety Manager”. It is a roll you fall into and I personally believe, is ideal for people who have empathy for others. We care. We want people to do the best job they can. We want them to grown and be successful in an environment where they feel safe. We want to nurture each and every person. These are some of the many reasons why I am passionate about not only the safety aspect to my role, but also the health. This is why I am a champion for mental health, continually being the arm around the shoulder, giving support to whomever needs it.  


We don't know what happens when someone goes home from work. We don't know what they are walking into. After having a bad day, will someone be there to comfort them, or will it have a negative outcome and create a hostile environment, Will there be no one but silence? We wont know unless we ask. This is why striking new friendships, supporting people and listening to what they have to say will help us all create a supportive, nurturing environment which is what every workplace should be.