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Marvin Kwabena Frimrong

Marvin Kwabena Frimrong

Assistant Project Manager , GB PARTNERSHIP GROUP

I am a skilled Assistant Project Manager in the construction business on a mission to change the industry by advocating diversity and inclusion. My career has been distinguished by excellence and an unshakable commitment to enhancing the construction sector, with a foundation in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Project Management. My journey began with a passion for construction, and I quickly found myself in the centre of complicated construction projects, honing my project management skills. My ability to lead diverse teams, great problem-solving skills, and a strong eye for detail have always distinguished me as an industry standout. What genuinely sets me apart is my commitment to fostering diversity and inclusiveness. I believe that by integrating varied viewpoints, experiences, and talents, the construction sector may reach even higher heights. I want to be a Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador for the sector, building situations where people of all backgrounds can thrive and offer their best.I am a strong supporter of equal opportunity and am dedicated to eradicating bias in the recruiting process, fostering mentorship programmes, and promoting inclusive practises on job sites. My goal is to build an industry that represents the rich diversity of the communities it serves.


"Promoting diversity and inclusion in the construction sector is critical for utilising the full range of skills, experiences, and viewpoints. By cultivating an inclusive atmosphere, we not only improve creativity and problem-solving, but we also ensure that the industry reflects and serves the varied communities with which it interacts, resulting in better outcomes for all stakeholders. Embracing diversity and inclusion is a strategic advantage that leads the construction industry into a brighter and more sustainable future."