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London Build

Matt Barratt

Matt Barratt

Area Sales Manager, Rockfon Ceilings and Acoustic Solutions


"Openly discussing my own challenges with mental health since the lockdown with colleagues and customers, I was staggered by the number of people who responded with "me too", "I've had that", my partner has that", "that explains how I've been feeling" and - alarmingly - "you're brave to be so open about this". Why was this the first time my friends and colleagues felt they could talk to anybody about this? We cannot start to deal with mental health issues without discussion and openness, but if people feel they can't start to talk to their friends, family or colleagues - yet alone seek professional help, because there's a stigma surrounding doing so or a fear of how they will be perceived at home or work - then we won't ever even begin to fix this debilitating problem."