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Melike Fleischmann

Melike Fleischmann

Operation Manager, C.P.I. Bathrooms Wholesale Ltd.

I am the Operations Manager for C.P.I. Bathrooms Wholesale Ltd, overseeing their U.K. operations. I have several years of experience in the supply chain area, and I enjoy managing and supervising both international and domestic operations for the company. My background combines practical knowledge of construction and supply industry with an insight into human dynamics. On a personal level, my goal is to encourage a new generation of women to confidently pursue careers in construction without any reservations. Therefore, I am a keen supporter of Women in construction. I want to use my expertise and platform to help, empower and advance women in the industry, and to inspire younger generations to be enthusiastic about the variety of opportunities and careers available within the Construction Sector.


"Working as a woman in the largely male-dominated industry involves challenges. However, this situation can be greatly improved with appropriate support and nurturing, and companies are encouraged to support women in construction through collaboration."