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Mutsa Matanga

Mutsa Matanga

Founder, ReQchain

Mutsa holds a B.Eng from McGill University and an MBA from Oxford. With over 5 years of experience in construction procurement and supply chain management, Mutsa consistently experienced the challenges around tracking and expediting purchase orders. The lack of visibility into order status resulted in late deliveries, inflated costs, and stalled timelines - problems that can derail even the best-managed projects. These pain points motivated Mutsa to found ReQchain, an AI-powered platform aimed at transforming purchase order management in construction. By automatically prompting suppliers for status updates and enabling real-time collaboration, ReQchain provides the visibility lacking in current workflows. As a female solo founder in a male-dominated industry, Mutsa leverages her supply chain expertise and passion for innovation to bring transparency to construction procurement. She thrives on identifying meaningful problems and designing solutions like ReQchain to drive change


"I believe in equality because it allows us to embrace humanity. When we promote true inclusivity, we open ourselves to new perspectives, new connections and new experiences."