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Natalia Wielgosz

Natalia Wielgosz

Energy and Net Zero Recruitment Consultant, Eden Brown

Since I was a child, I was really close to nature, having been raised near forests and lakes. When I moved to London, I noticed how disconnected the city is from the natural world. I decided to pursue my Master's in Sustainable Development and Global Governance to understand the ways in which we can make a change and influence policies, frameworks, businesses, and drive transformation towards a more environmentally conscious society that coexists in synergy with nature. Population density in cities is increasing, and due to this, I have shaped my life mission: helping people to reconnect with nature in urban cities and receive the same level of ecosystem services as people who live in remote areas. Can we bring the New Forest to London? At the current moment, I work as a Net Zero and Energy Recruitment Consultant. I get to speak to a number of sustainability leaders within the Built Environment, gaining insight into new projects that are happening, understanding the sustainability challenges they are facing, and the solutions they have come up with. As a recruiter in sustainability, my current goal is to close the green skills gap. To tackle this problem, I help connect people with the right networks, assist professionals in connecting with educational institutions to help them gain relevant qualifications or licenses, and connect them to new opportunities and challenges.


"Driving toward a more sustainable future is important to me because our health and well-being are intrinsically connected to the well-being of nature. There is no 'us' without nature. We must learn from nature, live among nature, and work with nature to build our societies and environment."