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Nelea Istratii

Nelea Istratii

Student, Bath Spa University

My name is Nelea Istratii, professional beginner-oriented result and details. Highly organized and adept at assisting in the planning, coordination, and execution of projects. Excellent team player with strong communication and problem-solving skills. All my life, since an early age, I have been working hard. I started working in the construction field after I worked in a restaurant. I started working with my father, and I was very excited to start working in this field. I have worked in Romania for five years as a laborer. I learn how to help other and how to build something myself. Also, I have strong experience in delivery services here in the UK. I think constructions are one of the hardest but, at the same time, one of the most rewarding jobs you can be involved in. I can’t imagine myself doing something else.


"Promoting equality for women in construction is essential to me as it dismantles gender stereotypes, enriches the industry with diverse perspectives, and empowers talented individuals to pursue their passions without encountering unnecessary barriers. A more inclusive construction sector not only benefits women but also strengthens the overall effectiveness and creativity of the workforce."