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Nicola Barden

Nicola Barden

Managing Director, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd

What can I say about me? Well, I have been in the construction industry all my life, in one way, shape or form. I grew up with parents that were shopfitters., with my mother being the only female operating in the three male dominated businesses they owned at that time. I joined the family business, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, back in 1998, and have had to work my way up to the position of Managing Director, with both parents now retired, running the family business along with my brother Paul. In the Solid Surface industry, there are very few females operating at as high a level as I am, and I am conscious that I need to ensure I am seen and heard, as a female voice, in a very male dominated environment. As well as being a woman in construction, I am also a wife, a mother to a son, who is severely autistic, with a full house of three crazy cats and one nutty dog. I love to read, go for long walks, have the odd tipple, mine’s a G&T, go dancing with the “girls” and basically have fun. Have you read “Ladies Can’t Climb Ladders”? This is about what I am trying to help change. I am looking to be a positive voice, that is heard amongst a lot of noise, to help other ladies strive, and thrive, especially in the construction industry.


I am passionate about being the change I want to see, living it, empowering others and living with integrity, and an open heart and mind attitude. It is critical that we all understand, and own, how we can influence others in our behaviours and attitude, and use this to become a more inclusive society where everyone has a voice and equal opportunities.