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Nigel Burton

Nigel Burton

Director - Acoustics, Temple Group

Hello there. I'm Nigel and I'm an acoustician/'noise guy'. I'm a Director with Temple's award-winning noise and vibration team in London and I've been a member of the Institute of Acoustics since 1997, through which I became a Chartered Engineer. I have experience of environmental acoustics but have most recently focused on building and architectural acoustics. I'm an active member of the Institute of Acoustics and I have also been a Board Member of the Association of Noise Consultants. If you need any help with noise, vibration or acoustic issues, feel free to get in touch.


Mental health is one of the last great taboos. Just because someone looks OK, doesn't mean they are. As a male, pale and stale 40-something, you'd think I'd be the poster boy for keeping a stiff upper lip but I'm a huge advocate of counselling/talking therapies not only when in crisis but also to help build mental fitness before the tough times occur. I've had counselling a number of times for various reasons and am always happy to discuss my experiences if it can help someone else.