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Niharika Modi

Niharika Modi

Design Manager, N/a

As an enthusiastic advocate for sustainable construction, I am committed to driving positive change in the built environment. With a background in architecture and a Master's in Construction Project Management, I possess a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies and a passion for integrating sustainable practices into every facet of the construction process. My professional journey has been marked by a dedication to innovative, eco-friendly solutions. I've worked on diverse projects, from industrial warehouses to healthcare facilities, consistently exceeding client expectations by prioritizing sustainability, quality, and efficient project management. I hold certifications as a BREEAM Associate and Agile Project Management, reinforcing my expertise in sustainable construction practices. Beyond qualifications, I'm an active participant in initiatives that promote sustainability and well-being. I'm genuinely excited about contributing to a greener, healthier, and more resilient future for our built environment.


A sustainable future is not just a choice, it's a responsibility we owe to our planet and the generations to come. For me, it's about redefining our relationship with the environment and the built world we inhabit.