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Olga Manmar

Olga Manmar

Sustainability Manager, Space Interior Systems

My life had a brand new start in the UK in April 2022. Massive unplanned changes which were caused by the war in Ukraine, the country I am a citizen of. A country of brave, talented, and life-loving people. I turned 40 two weeks after my arrival in Southhampton by ferry. All I had was my three children, our four passports, our four sleeping bags, and the car. And memories of our beautiful, happy lives. Destroyed by russian missiles. War takes away everything: your home, your friends, your dreams... But it leaves you with a choice. Do you chose to become the helpless victim of the war and live in the realization that there is nothing you can personally do to stop it or do you expand your circle of control by having a mission, which includes people, planet and collaboration for the common goal? Today, a year later, working in the construction industry, diving into the exciting world of sustainability, while still being able to support the Ukrainian community, I actually feel the shift, a massive expansion of my circle of control, circle of influence. Life is a journey...


Sustainability is about doing things right.