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Olivia Arnould

Olivia Arnould

Administrative and Marketing Coordinator, Sygna

As a recent History and Politics graduate of 2023 entering the construction industry, I found myself immersed in a world of endless possibilities for those who are new to the industry. I wanted to explore a role in marketing, and being a part of that in the construction industry has been nothing short of enlightening, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this dynamic, evolving field. One aspect that particularly excites me is the potential for marketing opportunities, as I see the prospect to bridge the gap between this age-old industry and modern marketing techniques. I envision leveraging digital platforms, sustainable practices, and innovative solutions to enhance the industry's visibility and impact. In this early stage of my construction career, I am proactive and tenacious, so I look forward to contributing my fresh perspective to the industry while learning from the experience of those who have built it.


"It is no longer a question of "whether" or "can" women work in construction, but "how", and that is why I believe that pushing for equality is essential at this crucial point. Employers and other key players in the industry should be asking themselves how they can create opportunities and encourage women to think of the construction industry as a domain where they can thrive. This is underpinned by establishing a safe and supportive environment for everybody, and that begins with providing the space for women to speak up, educate others and use their voices."