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Omar Habib

Omar Habib

Co-founder & CTO , WiiGroup

Co-founder and Digital Delivery expert at WiiGroup, driven by a profound passion for Construction Innovation and Project Controls. My expertise revolves around helping companies implement digital construction and developing intelligent reporting systems. Throughout my career, I've worked and provided consultancy services to prominent multinational corporations across Europe, the UK, and the Middle East, primarily focusing on commercial, residential, and infrastructure sectors. In my commitment to knowledge sharing, I have been privileged to serve as an lecturer for the International Master's Degree in BIM Management . Furthermore, I have had the honor of imparting my insights as a keynote speaker and panelist at more than 20 international conferences held in diverse countries, including the UK, Ireland, the USA, North Africa, and the GCC 


I am committed to driving for a more sustainable future because I believe in leaving a positive impact on our environment for future generations. Embracing eco-friendly practices not only reduces our carbon footprint but also fosters a healthier planet. It's my responsibility to contribute to a greener tomorrow, and by choosing sustainable alternatives, I am actively participating in the global effort to create a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future.