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Opal Pooley

Opal Pooley

General Manager, ISWUK Ltd

I'm an enthusiastic professional with a three-year tenure in the construction industry, employed by an SME specializing in architectural metalworks located in the South East. My role as General Manager involves overseeing all aspects of Pre-site Construction while also leading the Marketing and Human Resources functions of the business. I find my stride in the fast-paced and diverse construction environment, where precision and meticulous attention to detail define my work ethic. Beyond my technical skills, I am a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, firmly believing that the future of our industry hinges on embracing diverse talents and perspectives. Complementing my experience, I've completed multiple training courses and gained qualifications in leadership and mental health, and I'm eager to contribute to change within the construction sector in these areas. Outside of work, I am a dedicated lifelong learner, constantly pursuing opportunities for personal growth, mirroring my commitment to the industry's ongoing evolution. As my career progresses I hope that I can inspire more young women to venture into this exciting and changing field.


Diverse voices inspire progress through inclusivity, opening doors to fresh ideas and unique perspectives that drive the industry forward with innovation and creative problem-solving. It's an ethical imperative to empower every talent by providing equal opportunities, tapping into this source of potential and enriching the sector with a broader range of skills. Inclusion not only strengthens bonds between the construction industry and its communities but also enhances relationships and reputations, creating a positive ripple effect. Moreover, in today's interconnected world, diversity and inclusion are not just virtues; they are strategic assets positioning the industry for global success. To be future-ready means embracing change, fostering a diverse and inclusive construction sector that is adaptable and resilient.