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London Build

Pamella Edwards

Pamella Edwards

Boiler Heating & Plumbing Eng + Interior Designer , Pamella Edwards Interiors London

Pamella Edwards: Bridging Sustainability with Craftsmanship. With over a decade in construction, I seamlessly blend the worlds of Gas Boiler & Heating Engineering, Plumbing, and Interior Design. I'm not just about crafting spaces; I'm passionate about creating sustainable havens. My unique vantage point allows me to integrate energy efficiency and resource conservation with design aesthetics. As I seek to become an ambassador for Sustainability In Construction via the London Build expo, my mission is clear: to champion sustainable practices as foundational, not optional. In doing so, I aim to illuminate how women, especially in specialised roles like mine, are driving the change towards a greener construction landscape.


"Championing Sustainability In Construction is not just a professional commitment—it's a moral imperative. For me, it's about constructing a legacy that respects our planet, ensuring every project becomes a testament to both innovation and environmental stewardship. Through platforms like Sustainability In Construction UK and the London Build expo, I advocate for a future where every brick laid and space designed is a step towards a greener tomorrow. It's a moral imperative!

Talent knows no gender boundaries!"