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London Build

Patrick Mukiibi

Patrick Mukiibi

shareholder/Director operations, Rahco ltd

My name is Patrick Mukiibi a Ugandan construction business owner, a dynamic and accomplished individual poised to make waves in the global construction industry. With a deep-rooted passion for building and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I have established myself as a prominent figure in Uganda's construction landscape. Driven by a desire to make a difference, I started my construction business, quickly gaining a reputation for quality craftsmanship, innovative designs and timely project delivery. Through my leadership skills and meticulous attention to detail, I have successfully completed various projects, ranging from residential and commercial buildings to infrastructure development. Looking at exploring international opportunities, I have set my sights on attending the renowned London Build 2023 expo in November. With its global reach and reputation as a premier construction event, this expo presents an unparalleled platform for networking. I aim to leverage my attendance to connect with industry leaders, explore new technologies, and forge strategic partnerships that will drive growth and innovation within my company. Passionate about sustainable development and community empowerment, I envision attending the London Build 2023 expo as a catalyst for positive change. I plan to learn from industry experts, share my experiences, and contribute to the broader conversation on sustainable construction practices. As I prepare to embark on this exciting journey, my unwavering determination, extensive expertise and genuine passion for construction positions me as an inspiring force in the industry. Through my attendance at the London Build 2023 expo, I aim to make a lasting impact.


Embracing diversity and inclusion in the construction sector is paramount as it fosters creativity, innovation, and broader perspectives. By actively seeking out individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, the industry can tap into a wealth of untapped talent and ideas. A diverse workforce brings fresh insights, fosters collaboration, and ensures that the evolving needs of an increasingly diverse society are met.