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Paul Dawson

Paul Dawson

Group Technical Manager, LHC

My journey in the realm of renewable energy and the preservation of fuel and power spans over a remarkable 15-year period. Throughout this time, my unwavering commitment to these crucial fields has been an intrinsic part of my identity. I am driven by a profound passion for crafting sustainable solutions within the domain of building services engineering. My quest has always been to infuse these solutions with the values of quality, durability, and innovation. My goal is to create integrated systems that not only offer ease of use and cost-effectiveness but also uphold the principles of environmental responsibility. In my roles as a lecturer, and active participant in industry events, I have strived to impart this ethos to others. Sharing my knowledge and insights, I have consistently emphasized the importance of considering our environment, its invaluable resources, and the rich tapestry of biodiversity it sustains. I firmly believe that by championing sustainability, we not only enhance the present but also lay the foundation for a brighter future. This commitment, I am convinced, holds the key to fostering social, economic, and environmental well-being within our communities. It is a driving force that fuels my endeavours and shapes the positive impact I aspire to make in the communities and regions where I conduct my work.


Sustainability and consideration for future generation.