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Piotr Smiechowicz

Piotr Smiechowicz

Founder & Principal Architect ARB RIBA, Piotr Smiechowicz Architecture

Piotr is an internationally awarded Architect ARB RIBA with a background in art, architecture, and structural engineering. He has lived and studied in Poland, Portugal, and the UK, getting to know different approaches to design and cultures. He has gained key experience in the renovation and reconstruction of existing buildings during his professional practice in Poland. Currently, Piotr is involved in the design and construction of a range of architectural typologies, from public buildings, and commercial to cultural projects in Central London. Furthermore, Piotr is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture, teaching previously at London South Bank University, as a co-leader for a postgraduate design studio and technology tutor, and currently at Ravensbourne University London on an undergraduate course. Piotr has been working on a few personal research projects on the potential use of new energies, and technologies in the context of sustainable development, and the psychology of perception, specifically related to human behaviours and society with the main focus on the impact of architecture and urbanism on loneliness and isolation. Currently, he is researching the potential of AR technology and the concept of metaverse in the architecture and space industry in order to understand how this may have positive impacts on the way that we think of a design.


Architectural design is a process of constant search for balance. Sustainable development helps us achieve this balance and build a better future where ecology, social justice and the economy go hand in hand to create lasting foundations for long-term prosperity. Moreover, creating environmentally friendly buildings promotes the health and well-being of residents and communities, it is an investment in harmony between people and their surroundings.