Rachael Suttacheep

Rachael Suttacheep

Marketing and Communications Manager, SC4 Carpenters Ltd
My start in the construction industry began at 14, working part-time as an admin assistant. At that time, I had no idea I would go on to become a manager at the very same company 15 years later. I continued to work in finance with SC4 for a further 7 years, whilst I finished my education. I learnt so much in that time and feel very grateful for the skills that I gained, which also aided my sense of independence during my studies. After I finished my degree, I went travelling, got married and started a family. During this time, flexible working allowed me to support my growing family and still remain in the industry. Within 5 years I had become the Finance Manager for another construction company. However, it wasn't until I moved back to the UK full-time and started working for SC4 again that I realised construction could become the challenging and rewarding role that I had been looking for. I had never planned to work in construction, as it was not offered to me whilst I was in education. However, having self-made parents gave me a business head and the confidence to push for what I wanted. So when, this year, I was given the opportunity to shape and mould my own role in a company I had worked for and alongside for the better part of 14 years, I took it! After working in many different office-based roles in construction, I now had the chance to re-join the team with new skills and a different perspective. I quickly found that Marketing was a part of the business that suited my skills and as SC4 is an SME I could combine my main role with some other interesting and challenging roles within the company. Wellbeing is at the heart of everything I do, and I believe a happy workforce means efficient service and a quality product. So, it was fortuitous that SC4 were in the process of developing their wellbeing policies when I joined. Within a few months I had gone from Marketing Manager to Marketing and Communications Manager and with the help of a Mental Health First Aid Course was now one of two Wellbeing Liaisons. I now get to combine my love of helping and nurturing people with promoting those values to a wider audience for a company that reflects my own values. My journey has allowed me to realise that finding a position that reflects your specific skill-sets is vital for achieving a job role that you can thrive in and that your employer can benefit from. There is nothing like feeling a sense of belonging within your company, to give you the fuel to produce good results, that help grow the business.


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