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Resmi Satheesan

Resmi Satheesan

Senior Technician/Consultant, StudioNWA

Born and brought up in India, I always dreamt of pursing an architecture degree abroad. Started at the University of Liverpool and transferred to USA (Ball State University) in 2nd year to continue my pursuit for more adventure. The broad prospects that came with the course was endless. My first experience in the industry was working as an intern to an established firm who specialises in healthcare facilities, which was undertaken as part of my Master’s degree curriculum. After completing post-graduation, I moved back to the UK with family and worked as a contract lecturer at the Cambridge School of Arts for a term subsequently starting my professional career in the field at various firms. BIM has always been my fort; however, alongside I started specialising more in technical designing and management. I have been with studioNWA for 7+ years and has since been working only on Mission Critical Facilities, mostly Datacenters. The spectrum of the clients I have worked for ranges from locally based to global hotshots.


"We are at an era where equality should not be something that needs to be fought for or considered special, but a part of our everyday life; an essential one in an industry like ours which was steered for decades by predominantly men."