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Richard Knight

Richard Knight

Head of Sustainability, MBA Consultants

I am a highly experienced Head of Sustainability with over 15 years' experience in the Built Environment sector. My mind set when it comes to sustainability, even from when I was at University, has been that development is needed to make the world go round and what better way to leave your mark than helping it be the best it can be rather than leaving that up to others. I work with a range of stakeholders from developers, contractors, landowners and other built-environment professionals from pre-planning through to construction in order to deliver cost-effective, policy compliant projects in a range of sectors. Away from work I am a father to 3 little girls which keeps me very busy, and also helps focus the mind on what sort of situation we are leaving behind for our future generations.


Driving sustainability is important to me because it is bigger than just targeting zero carbon. Truly sustainable developments meet the needs of all users, with the social side playing as large a role as environmental. Sustainability, or moreover commercial sustainability, is also close to my heart, as its all well and good aiming for the top, but if its not affordable then it limits opportunities for change.