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Riley Mae Pond

Riley Mae Pond

Office and Resource Manager, The Labour Desk

I am a passionate individual, born with a natural curiosity. I developed a love for travelling and different cultures from a young age. This passion has taken me to diverse corners of the world, where I have not only explored landscapes in Central America, but also embraced local traditions and connected with people from different walks of life. I am a proud member of a women's football team, the thrill of the game and the sense of community on the pitch add an extra layer of excitement to my active lifestyle. Off the field, I channel my energy into the gym, sculpting both my body and mind. Professionally, I am an Office and Resource Manager at The Labour Desk. As a woman in construction, I like to challenge stereotypes and prove that strength, skill, and expertise are not associated with a gender. From the construction site to the football field, from the gym to the far corners of the world, I bring the same passion and dedication to my professional life as I do to my personal life.


"Driving for equality is crucial to me as a professional in the construction industry and a woman footballer, I strive to break stereotypes, challenge norms, and create a level playing field for everyone to thrive in, regardless of gender."