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Rishi suntharampillai Subeathar

Rishi suntharampillai Subeathar

CEO, eico Paints Ltd.

Rishi Subeathar is a seasoned professional with more than four decades of experience in the building industry. He embarked on his career journey when he decided to leave college while pursuing his engineering studies, and since then, he has been deeply involved in various facets of the construction and design sectors. Throughout his career, Rishi has worn multiple hats, working on construction sites, specialising in architectural ironmongery specification, paint specification, and retail, and eventually transitioning into the manufacturing side of the industry. It was during a visit to a leading paint manufacturer in Sweden, known for its groundbreaking environmentally friendly paint innovations, that Rishi's passion for sustainability was ignited. His commitment to sustainability encompasses a wide range of areas, from advocating for environmentally conscious raw materials and sustainable products to reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing processes and waste management. Currently serving as the CEO of eico paints, Rishi oversees the production of environmentally friendly paints in Iceland, powered entirely by geothermal and hydroelectric energy, as well as in Sweden, where the manufacturing process relies on 100% wind, hydropower, and other non-fossil fuels. Rishi Subeathar has been a vocal proponent of the proper classification and labeling of environmentally friendly products through rigorous testing. Notably, he recently introduced PyroStop FR30, one of the industry's premier fire-retarding coatings for raw wood, which is entirely waterborne and environmentally friendly. Continuing his commitment to innovation, Rishi is presently engaged in the development of a coating that can be retrofitted to porous RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete). This coating has the unique ability to seep into affected areas and harden, thereby extending the lifespan of structures made from this material. Rishi Subeathar's extensive experience and unwavering dedication to sustainability make him a noteworthy figure in the building industry, driving positive change through environmentally friendly practices and innovative solutions.


It's NOT Yours, It's NOT mine, it's NOT even ours,it's our Children's - The Environment

-Rishi Subeathar, eico Paints