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London Build

Rita Patel Miller

Rita Patel Miller

Associate Director, Mace

Rita is a Social Value Rita is a professional and driven individual that strives for success for clients to make real meaningful impact in the communities that they are operating in.  Rita has a passion and interest in supporting young people to reach their full potential.

Rita has worked with the Careers and Enterprise Company for over 6 years, she currently chairs the Central London Employer Cornerstone group and was successfully nominated to be a Careers Champion in 2020. Rita has developed a range of initiatives for young people including accredited work placement programmes that have been adopted nationally.

Rita is innovative and works collaboratively with clients, partners and stakeholders, main contractors, supply chain partners and her team to deliver award winning initiatives and leave a legacy.

Rita is a specialist in developing social sustainability frameworks, strategies, identifying and implementing measurement systems, embedding social value into procurement systems and developing structured implementation plans.

Rita has experience in building excellent working relationships with clients and creating bespoke solutions to meet their requirements. 

Rita is Heading up Social Value Service Offer at Mace Consult to support clients capture, evidence and report the social impacts they are creating.  

Rita has:

  • Developed Social Value strategies and frameworks for clients such as the Aviva, Ministry of Justice, Birmingham City Council, Argent, Lendlease and Kier in the construction industry
  • Generated over £150,000,000 of Social Value for Birmingham City Council through the Perry Barr Regeneration scheme and over £120,000,000 for the Ministry of Justice through the new prison build at HMP Berwyn in North Wales

Operated own business providing CSR and Social Value consultancy and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion specialist training for a range of organisations including NHS, PFA and FA

Rita has over 35 years’ experience of working with Public and Private sector organisations, she is wife and mother of 2 children and currently resides in North Devon.