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Romain Richli

Romain Richli

Head of Climate and Environment, Bouygues UK
Spearheading the drive for effective environmental management and sustainable solutions at Bouygues UK, Romain brings a forward-thinking approach to lead his team of sustainability and environmental experts. With almost 20 years of experience within the Bouygues group across a wide range of roles, Romain is now responsible for the development of ambitious climate and environment standards and the implementation of Bouygues UK's strategy to achieve its sustainability targets. Romain plays a pivotal role in the company, working in close collaboration with experts across the Bouygues group globally. Beyond compliance and from biodiversity, responsible sourcing, energy consumption and water reductions to low carbon initiatives, education and upskilling programmes, his team is multifaceted, targeting environment, sustainability and carbon, all whilst executing the corporate net zero emissions strategy towards 2050.