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Romey Oulton

Romey Oulton

Principal Consultant, Global ConTech & DEI Lead., LMRE

I lead LMRE’s Global Contech team and lead the DEI Strategy vertical. I form strategic partnerships with hypergrowth start-ups and leading VC’s in the space to provide specialist top talent for growing teams. My overarching mission is to ensure my clients' hiring strategies intentionally cultivate a diverse, balanced and inclusive recruitment process. I'm also a founding member of the Women In Construction Tech organization.


"One of the driving reasons why I joined the recruitment industry is that we are in a unique position to influence hiring trends. We have the power to represent candidates that otherwise may have gone unseen. At LMRE, it is part of our mission to minimize bias in the hiring process and to create an approach that supports underrepresented candidates and demographics. We take ownership to ensure a client's hiring strategy intentionally cultivates a diverse, balanced and inclusive recruitment process. At every step of the partnership, I strive to educate our clients on processes that embrace different abilities, genders, ethnicities, skills, and people of all identities. With Women In ConstructionTech, our overarching mission is to make space for diversity in thought & improve accessibility to a database of women in ConTech to facilitate business connections and career opportunities."