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Rosa Torres Miranda

Rosa Torres Miranda

Construction Project Manager, R Torres

As an accomplished architect with a profound commitment to sustainability, I hold a Master's degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. Currently pursuing my second Master's in Construction Project Management, my academic journey reflects a dedication to expanding my expertise and contributing to the intersection of architecture and sustainable construction practices. Recognized as a woman in STEM by the British Council, I embrace the opportunity to inspire and advocate for diversity in the field. My professional background encompasses valuable experience in both Construction Management and Engineering Management, where I have honed my skills in overseeing projects from inception to completion. Passionate about harmonizing design innovation with environmental consciousness, I strive to bridge the gap between architectural aesthetics and sustainable development. This dual perspective has shaped my approach to construction projects, emphasizing efficiency, eco-friendly practices, and the seamless integration of technology. With a proven track record in the dynamic realm of construction, I am poised to contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of sustainable architecture and project management. My journey reflects not only a pursuit of academic excellence but a steadfast commitment to advancing the principles of environmental sustainability within the architectural and construction industry.


"Promoting gender equality in STEM isn't just about fairness; it's an imperative for unlocking untapped potential. By cultivating inclusivity, we forge a path towards a sustainable future with the brilliance of every individual, regardless of gender,"