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Rose Taylor

Rose Taylor

Rail Systems Engineer, Arup

Rose Taylor is a Rail Systems Engineer with Arup. And a trans woman, who is based in Birmingham.

She is most well known as being the claimant in the landmark legal case (Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover 1304471/2018). This case shows that people who are non-binary and genderfluid are covered by the meaning of ‘Gender Reassignment’ in the Equality Act 2010.

Rose has been coming out from around the age of 21. Initially, with regards to sexual orientation. And Latter on as transgender. Coming out for around 25years has shaped her life. And not much is new. She has joint led one of the first known engineering workshop on supporting bisexual engineers in the workplace in March 2019.

Rose has been a volunteer with many LGBT supportive organisations. Such as InterEngineering, Diversity Role Models, Soho Angels, Sparkle. And mentored LGBT+ students at the University of Birmingham.