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Ruby El Kanzi

Ruby El Kanzi

Senior Design Manager , Mace

Ruby is a self-motivated and passionate individual Chartered Architect, with a strong design management background and extensive projects experience covers the full range of skills from leadership, detail design to project delivery, stakeholder management and design innovation at many scales of the project. Ruby was born in London and grew up in Abu Dubai where she witnessed the birth of the most iconic cities in the present time ''Dubai''. Her career journey spans over 25 years. She worked on complex master planning projects in the UK, Mainland China and the Middle East as well as conceptual design in schemes that combine transport interchanges and commercial developments. She is a winner of various international architectural design competitions and was positively acknowledged by a number of clients for delivering projects effectively and efficiently. Construction projects have many challenges, but she counts herself lucky that she had the opportunity to work with outstanding and high calibre project teams in award winning projects in the UK, as well as being able to give back to the communities as mentor and public speaker promoting diversity and career progressing in the construction industry to future generations.


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