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Sai Kai Fung

Sai Kai Fung

Investment Analyst, Goldstone Commercial

Hello, I'm Carson Fung, a London-based real estate specialist working with Goldstone Commercial. My focus is on office investment and residential redevelopment, and I originally hail from Hong Kong. Raised in Hong Kong, I nurtured my passion for real estate and later found my calling in London's dynamic market. Beyond my profession, I'm dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the construction industry. With years of experience, I've contributed to successful projects at Goldstone Commercial, assisting Chinese investors in London.


Diversity is our strength, and I'm committed to fostering it for a brighter industry future. As an ambassador for DIVERSITY IN CONSTRUCTION, I aim to champion inclusivity in our sector, harnessing diverse talents and perspectives. In my real estate journey and advocacy for diversity, I aspire to create a more inclusive and collaborative construction industry for all.