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Sally-Ann Twydell

Sally-Ann Twydell

Commercial Manager, Blade Roofing Limited

I am an experienced Senior Lead in Operation/Project delivery, Business Development, Commercial Management, and Coaching. I started my career in Sales and moved into Operations, where I specialised in operational planning, technology rollouts, training, and event management. I have spent the past 14 years in Senior Management roles for blue chip companies and worked in America rolling out a customer development programme, I moved into Roofing/Construction five and half years ago and I have not looked back, I currently focus on commercial and contract delivery ensuring customer needs can be met against profitability and HSE requirements.


"All of my career I have focused on equality for women, I started my career off in male dominated industries and always believed I was just as capable and that women can lead just as well or even better. I fully understand how daunting it can to get your voice heard and be considered for senior roles therefore for me it is now educating and coaching to ensure the best skilled/qualified person for the role is chosen no matter the background, it is also to support and give confidence to those in their first steps of the career and not shying away from roles that they feel they would not be selected for. Progression is made through strong diverse team and skills."