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Sanket Salunke

Sanket Salunke

Graduate Sustainability Engineer, FHP ESS

I am a result-focused electronic engineer with a Master's degree in Engineering Management from the University of Greenwich, London. Currently a sustainable graduate in the renewable sector, where I am actively steering my career trajectory towards the pursuit of net zero carbon emission.
I have a strong track record of success in the renewable energy industry. I have worked on a variety of projects, including the design and installation of solar panel systems, the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and the optimisation of energy efficiency in buildings.
I am passionate about using my skills and experience to help the world transition to a clean energy future. I am particularly interested in EV and solar panel systems, and I believe these technologies have the potential to significantly impact the fight against climate change.


Supporting sustainability in the built environment is vital for the planet and our well-being. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, enhances air quality, lowers energy consumption, improves water efficiency, and boosts occupant health. By prioritizing sustainability, we create a healthier world for both nature and ourselves.