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Sara Rahali

Sara Rahali

Architecture Part 2 March student, UCA CANTERBURY

As a Master's Part 2 architecture student pursuing accreditation with ARB/RIBA, I'm currently on a thrilling journey through the fascinating world of design and construction. My fascination with this transformative potential is what fuels my unwavering dedication to excellence in design and construction. I have made consistent progress in my pursuit of architectural mastery throughout my academic career. As I take on the demanding tasks of my Master's Part 2, I'm preparing myself with the knowledge and abilities required for a successful career in architecture. My experience in the studio has been a breeding ground for creativity; here, I face tough design problems head-on and come up with ground-breaking answers that improve the built environment. But my enthusiasm goes beyond the confines of the studio. I am utterly committed to promoting equality and diversity in the building and architecture sectors. I want to tirelessly fight for fair representation and equal chances for all women in the construction industry. I genuinely believe that a diverse and inclusive architectural community produces more creative and forward-thinking designs in addition to being more socially sensitive.


"Since I firmly think that a diverse and inclusive world is not only a goal but also an absolute requirement, pursuing equality is my personal purpose. We uncover the full range of human potential on our collective journey toward equality, promoting creativity, empathetic behavior, and societal advancement. No matter their history or identity, I'm committed to this cause and motivated to create a future where everyone's voice is heard."