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Shervin Yousefzadeh

Shervin Yousefzadeh

Head of Construction, GS1 UK

Shervin Yousefzadeh now spearheads GS1 UK's strategy in the construction sector, leveraging his robust background as a former Head of Digital Construction. His primary aim is to forge key industry relationships and champion the adoption of GS1 standards. His extensive experience in Building Information Modelling, coupled with significant contributions to transformative projects like the Transpennine Route Upgrade – West, continually shapes his approach. Now, Shervin is dedicated to showcasing the benefits of standardised practices in construction, aiming to make a lasting impact in the industry.


In a world inching closer to environmental thresholds, the integration of sustainability within the construction sector is not a choice, but a necessity. Embracing unique identification and traceability unveils a pathway towards reduced waste and enhanced resource efficiency, establishing a foundation for responsible and sustainable operational practices.