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Shristi Kuikel

Shristi Kuikel

Graduate Student, Arizona State University

I'm Shristi Kuikel, an architect with 4.5 years of experience working on public urban infrastructure projects. My career is motivated by my strong belief in equality in the building sector. Being a woman in this industry, I've experienced firsthand how diversity improves project success and innovation. I support diversity because I think it's essential to building thriving, sustainable urban ecosystems. Outside of work, I like to explore the arts, go trekking, and take pictures since they stimulate my creativity. Join me as we work together to create a more inclusive and creative future by redesigning our cities and advocating for equality in construction.


Promoting equality in construction is extremely important to me as a female architect with 4.5 years of experience working on government urban infrastructure projects. I've witnessed the unrealized potential that women have in this industry. Fairness is important, but so is transforming the world. Innovation is sparked by diversity, which improves project results. The need for equality is not only moral; it is also strategic. It draws a variety of talent, encourages creativity, and raises the bar for our sector. Together, let's create a future that is more just."all."