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Stephanie Godard

Stephanie Godard

Business Development Manager, Eastman France SARL

Stephanie Godard is Business Development Manager for the Advanced Interlayers group in Europe. She is responsible of overseeing the relations with the architects, façade engineers and façade contractors providing an experience of over 20 years with glass and laminated glass in particular. With a background in Chemical Engineering and Advanced Chemical Technology from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Stephanie has been providing support to glass laminators in the UK, Scandinavia, and France for many years. She now brings her passion for glass to the architectural specifying community, offering training and relevant information on high performance laminated glass made with Saflex™ & Vanceva™ interlayers. She is based in France.


"Why would the talents of over 50% of the population be ignored? If we want to have a well balanced society we need to have a well balanced Building & Construction industry across all areas. I sit too many times in meetings where I was the only woman. For us right now, for our children, grand-children & for the world, let's stick together!"