Steven Eglinton BSc (Hons), FBCS, FCart.S, MIoD, MIAM, MPWI

Steven Eglinton BSc (Hons), FBCS, FCart.S, MIoD, MIAM, MPWI

Chair, BIM4 Infrastructure UK; Principal BIM Tutor, ICE; Director, BIM Enable

Steven is a very experienced geospatial information management and digital transformation specialist with 20 years' experience of strategic definition, project management & hands-on solutions implementation, particularly within the physical asset management, Built Environment and Natural Environment sectors.

His background is in mapping, Geospatial solutions and GIS, but now consults on project and asset information management and modelling in the widest context. Most often Steven works with Central Government as well as Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner Operator (AECOO) and asset management clients, including such as rail infrastructure companies, engineering, utilities companies and property developers.

Summary of Experience

  • 20 years' experience in Information Management, Digital Construction, Digital Engineering and BIM
  • Information Management leadership in public, private and third sectors
  • Corporate Geospatial Solutions
  • Corporate Data Management and Business Intelligent

BIM Tutoring Roles

  • ICE BIM Implementation - Putting People First (Author and Principal Tutor, 2015 to present)
  • ICE BIM for Infrastructure (Guest Tutor, 2015 to present)
  • Creator and Tutor of 'BIM 101' and 'BIM for Geospatial Professionals' (2014 to present)
  • Author and Tutor of many bespoke BIM Training courses in the UK and across Europe e.g. Transgaz, Romania
  • BSI BIM Training courses Globally and UK (BIM Tutor, 2017 to present - via partners Digital Node)
  • CIOB BIM Training (Guest Tutor, 2018 to present - via partners Digital Node)

Industry Leadership Roles

  • Chair, BIM & Digital Construction Summit, London Build - 2017 to present
  • Chair, BIM4 Infrastructure UK
  • Chair, GEOBusiness 2017 / Committee member 2014 to present
  • Chair, Infrastructure Asset Management Exchange 2018


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