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Suchitha Kalra

Suchitha Kalra

Director, Prime Dealing Ventures UK Ltd

PDUK, under the leadership of its founder, Suchitha Kalra, excels at the convergence of real estate and data analytics. With an honors degree in Mathematics and a profound passion for the property sector, Suchitha harnesses her expertise to uncover the elegance within numerical insights and patterns within the diverse landscape of the UK's properties. PDUK's primary focus embraces both historic and contemporary homes, particularly those ripe for renovation, offering compelling opportunities for property flipping or buy-to-let investments. In their role as project managers, they perform thorough site surveys and deliver fixed-price quotes, working in close collaboration with a handpicked team of contractors. PDUK's resolute commitment lies in ensuring that projects are not only completed within the designated timeframe but also well within budget.


"Advocating for women's equality is my driving force; it's about creating a world where opportunities know no gender."