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Suhas Jadhal

Suhas Jadhal

Global Director - Industry Consulting, Hexagon AB

Suhas Jadhal, a Civil Engineer by training, currently serves as the Global Director for Industry Consulting at Hexagon AB, where he plays a pivotal role in ensuring customer success and the seamless implementation of best practices. His expertise extends to the worldwide Hexagon client base, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and modern methods of construction. Suhas's professional journey has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, having previously worked as a BIM Manager for a prominent Middle Eastern General Contractor. His insights and contributions have also been sought after by leading construction technology companies like RIB iTWO and Autodesk. Suhas is a distinguished alumnus, holding degrees from prestigious institutions like Cambridge Judge Business School and IIM Bangalore, which further underscore his expertise and commitment to the industry.


Driving for a more sustainable future in construction is paramount to me because the construction industry stands as one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions globally. As a responsible steward of our environment, I'm deeply committed to implementing eco-friendly practices and innovative construction techniques that reduce our carbon footprint. By doing so, we can protect the environment, mitigate climate change, and leave a legacy of sustainable infrastructure for future generations to enjoy.