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Tessa O'Donnell

Tessa O'Donnell

Associate Director, Exterior Architecture

Tessa O'Donnell is an Associate Director at Exterior Architecture, a leading landscape architecture studio that specialises in creating innovative and sustainable outdoor spaces. An accomplished landscape architect with 10 years of experience in the field, she has been at the forefront of some of the studio's most complex and challenging projects, helping to transform urban spaces into vibrant and thriving communities.

Tessa's expertise lies in the design and delivery of residential-led masterplans and commercial developments that are both functional and beautiful, including the award-winning 245 Hammersmith project, and more recently the landscape-led redevelopment of the Former HMP Holloway site. Tessa believes that through her work, trees can have a transformative effect on urban spaces, from improving air quality or reducing noise pollution, to certation of vibrant, usable spaces for the community. As a panellist, Tessa will bring her knowledge and experience as a designer in the built environment to the discussion. She will explore the benefits and challenges of integrating trees into the built environment and share her insights on how to create truly sustainable developments that are not just ‘greenwashed’. Tessa's passion for creating resilient and beautiful outdoor spaces makes her a valuable contributor to this important debate.