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Theresa Kassim

Theresa Kassim

Director, Pure Elements Consultancy Ltd

As Director of Pure Elements Consultancy and Pure Elements Construction, I have over 7 years in the engineering/structural engineering and construction sector in HR. Organisations I've worked in consist of several industries such as defence, satellite, telecoms, manufacturing of structural steel, manufacturing of motors for Formula 1, out-of-home media, and more. I am in the process of creating construction software under Pure Elements Consultancy which is a consultancy that heavily pushes the use of technology in the construction and engineering sector, but I have also started Pure Elements Construction to encourage a new generation who are focused on change and innovation into the industry. 


 I want to encourage a new generation into construction. We will be a company that embraces technology, change, new ideas, diversity, inclusion, and more. We are about quality and standards, good culture, continued professional development, and more. My goal is to bring innovation and technology, new ideas, DEI, positive work cultures, and more into the industry. I look forward to representing a new generation of workers in the industry. Our reason for creating a construction firm was that change is very much needed and not happening fast enough. We decide to be the change. This is important because workers are needed in order to reach sustainability goals such as net zero 2050 and to build infrastructure in the UK. At the route we are going, we will never reach these desired goals. The industry needs to be open to everyone.